CG Fry | Nansledan

The Project

This project was in partnership with the prestigious home builder C G Fry & Son, who are delighted to be working with the Duchy of Cornwall at Nansledan, a 540 acre extension to the coastal town of Newquay on the northern coast of Cornwall.

Nansledan embodies the principles of architecture and urban planning championed by The Prince of Wales.  His vision is to create walkable, connected urban centres where mixed income housing, shops, business premises and leisure facilities combine in a coherent way.

Architecture is another vital ingredient.  The Prince of Wales has long advocated that buildings should look as if they belong in the landscape in which they are set, reflecting local styles and using local materials, including Cornish granite and slate mined within an hour of the development.

The Ellis ‘New England Dove Grey’ kitchen was selected for its modern yet timeless aesthetic, complementing the surrounding architecture neatly.  Solid surface Ammonite Diamond white worktops were literally the ‘icing on the cake’.

Feedback from site suggests a positive increase in sales enquiries since the show home opened just before Christmas.  We like to think Ellis have played a key part in this positive news. 


If you have a new build project, our talented designers would be delighted to produce some design concepts to add value to your new homes.  Please feel free to give us a call 01484 514212  

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