Student Accommodation Trends

by Sarah Cooper, Product Design, Ellis

Student Accommodation is no longer just a place for students to study / sleep. As the millennials influence is taking hold of the market, accommodation providers are continuing to keep up with the latest design trends.
With each September, the sector becomes more stylish and trend driven. The demands on universities to continually provide enticing personal and social spaces is greater than ever before.
Designing any space is dependent on market expectations and students, in particular, have increasingly high expectations of what connotes modern living.
Throughout our numerous 2016 student accommodation projects, we have witnessed the beginning of some strong bedroom and kitchen trends, fulfilling the high expectations of modern students. 
Here is our ‘Top Student Accommodation Must Have Trends for 2017/18’…
Space to store a suitcase – As the international student market increases, wider underbed units / a wardrobe top box / taller and deeper headboard cupboards are increasingly required
Bigger beds - 4’ beds are the new norm; and we are seeing more 4’6 beds being requested
Maximum wardrobe space - Students will sacrifice desk space for extra wardrobe width now IT equipment is smaller
Copious amounts of storage – As student bedrooms are getting smaller the expertise of space planning and cleaver built in storage units are vital to maximise space. Using as much of the room height to create higher storage maximises confined spaces.
Kitchen social areas - Students will sacrifice cooking space for more relaxed seating and social/study spaces. Therefore, expert space planning and cleaver built in storage units are vital for maximising space
Lighting - Desk and headboard LED task lighting are becoming standard. Whilst adjustable dimmer lighting is being requested more than ever before.
Bed/Sofa - Upholstered headboards and wallboards are becoming more popular so students can use their bed as seating
Seating for guests - Window seats and easy chairs are vital where the room space allows this
Throughout all our recent projects, we have maximised space in every room with clever storage systems and intelligent space planning, take a look at some of our recent projects at
If you have an upcoming project, contact us on 01484 514 212 and speak to us about how we can help maximise your space using our knowledge and expertise in Student Accommodation.

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