Student Experiences and the role Accommodation Providers Play...

By Anna Hampshire, Ellis

A big part of the university experience is determined by the social life a student leads.
For most of the time, university dorms are pretty social settings. Many students become friends with neighbors, do homework in the study lounges or cook a communal dinner.

The importance of friendships, to create a support system away from home is crucial towards a student’s development. Accommodation providers are now taking steps towards creating engaging communal spaces that are a social hub.
The root of this change is undoubtedly due to higher student expectations and a continued growth in the international student market, creating an increase in accommodation fees, in turn driving students to spend more time in their accommodation.
Therefore, providers are creating more ‘luxurious’ and enticing social spaces to justify higher price points and enhance the student experience by encouraging students to move ‘down time’ and ‘study time’ into communal areas and out of their bedrooms. 
TV areas, kitchens, games, and cinema rooms are on the rise in most student accommodation properties, and rightly so.

The experience a student has during those crucial few years is fundamental to their independence and the ways in which they strive towards a life after education.
Therefore, student accommodation providers have a job to do in creating accommodation that works towards helping students make friends, socialise, and feel ‘at home’. This is exceptionally true with international students as essentially this is their full-time home while in the UK.
Additionally, parents who are across the other side of the world, of course, want even greater assurances their child is secure and comfortable, as well as having the best possible environment to complete their studies.

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Image by City Block. Berkshire House Reading. (for which JT Ellis were the exclusive kitchen and bedroom supplier)

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