Top 5 Tips for a Perfect Hotel Bedroom


When your guests walk into their bedroom you want to give them the wow factor, here are our top tips for getting it right…..

1 - Space Invaders – space is the ultimate luxury, and where guests first impressions count so much, a spacious bedroom is hugely valuable.  Whilst this might sound obvious, design experience is essential to plan the ergonomics of the room and the placement of pieces to create a feeling of space. Use and position of mirrors is key, and the interaction of the bed, dressing table/desk, the TV, and storage space is where the feeling of space is created.

2 - The Abundant Bed – the centrepiece of any bedroom, and nowhere is this more important than a hotel.  Plush pillows, accent cushions and throws give visual impact, and don’t be afraid to go up a size on the bedding to make the bed look fuller. Investing in a high-quality mattress, pillows and pillow cases will pay for themselves over and over. 

3 - Sleep Like a Baby – there’s nothing better than a great night’s sleep, and our design tips here are discrete use of black-out curtains/blinds, sturdily built real wood furniture, and heavy fabrics to help acoustics and sound deadening.  Ellis interior designers strongly recommend an oversized headboard including a designer feature panel for visual impact and maximum sound absorption.

4 - Wardrobe Wonder – clothes are a key part of any leisure or business stay, and whether it’s the latest Levi’s, or a breathtaking ball gown, they need to be in pristine condition for that grand unveiling.  We recommend full-height hanging to give dresses space, and multiple shelves for delicate garments such as cashmere or merino jumpers.

5 - Let There Be Light – Whether guests are enthralled in a blockbuster movie, their bedtime book, using a laptop, or straightening hair, appropriate lighting is essential, and there’s nothing worse than a drab shadowy room.  Dimmable lights are a must, as are directional headboard and desk lights for precise reading and cosmetic perfection.

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