Make the most of a small room

In both modern and traditional homes it is very common to find a small bathroom as an accompaniment to the main one. Whether this is a bathroom under the stairs, or a petite en-suite consisting of a simple WC and sink, you may have found yourself using mirrors or cunning wallpaper patterns to create the illusion of space.

On top of this, you may have mentally rotated every piece of furniture in there in an attempt to maximise your small bathroom. Perhaps there are two of you using it, and the flow of traffic is impossible to accommodate any longer. Well, the best and most long-lasting solution to this issue is inspired design. You may think it's impossible to fit desirable furniture and storage space into such a little area, but when that furniture has been expertly designed here at Ellis exactly for that purpose, you'll see how easily things fit into place.

Ellis manufactures clever compact furniture, cupboards and cloakrooms that makes the most of your space, whilst gracing it with contemporary design. Our shallow furniture and WC banks have been conceived to function perfectly in small spaces, giving you the same ease of use you would experience in a much larger room.

Finally, it's down to you to decide whether you're aiming for a classic look, which can be achieved through furniture in finishes like American Walnut, or something sleeker and more modern, like Gloss Graphite. There's lots to choose from - from the finish to the door handles - so you'll be able to recreate a bathroom you've seen and loved. Perhaps you stayed in a hotel with a gorgeous en-suite, or are inspired to select from scratch and settle on something that truly speaks to your lifestyle and taste. It could be that innovative design touches grab you the most, such as our Minimo push to open technology.

Here at Ellis we believe this degree of choice is important, and with properly made durable furniture, your new bathroom will last you a long time. Thankfully, designs like the Nema Chocolate Grey and Ikon Gloss Graphite are already ahead of the style-curve, so you'll be happy to see your small bathroom continuing to function for years to come.

For all these and even more creative ideas for your home, why not visit your local Ellis approved retailer this weekend - simply click on showroom >

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