Adding personality to your room

When it comes to interior design, there's one thing that will separate your rooms out from any other: personality. Whether it is through painting walls with mix and match colours, using coloured acrylics or incorporating coloured glass, there's always a way to give each room a distinctive identity.

Adding personality allows you to make a room feel a little bit more "you" and makes your home more unique rather than feeling like a sterile hotel or generic space. But how can you achieve this?

Add vibrancy

A splash of colour is always an effective way of adding life to rooms. Ellis are specialists in providing high-quality room designs, whether for your bathroom, kitchen or bedroom, that tell a story about who you are and what you enjoy. Matching the colour to the person is crucial and something we know well, but this doesn't just have to come about through painting walls. It's also possible to add bursts of hue through eye-popping furniture, such as including a brightly coloured sofa, pillows or throw to a neutral backdrop. You can add coloured splash-backs in bathrooms and kitchens for both texture and vibrancy, while also being a practical solution in functional living areas near kitchens and ovens.

Be experimental

When it comes to colour, don't feel you have to stick to just one shade. At Ellis, we believe in mix and matching colours to suit any project. Getting the coordination right is key; rooms need to feel cohesive and complementary, rather than clashing and overwhelming. As well as using paint to achieve this, you can also add bursts of wallpaper to your space - either as feature walls or framed as large prints - to bring pattern and texture to a room. Curtains are another great way of bringing texture and warmth to a room, as well as a practical way of helping to keep heat in. Finding a pair of patterned curtains that suits your personality will help to add a little extra "you" to your space.

Use your possessions

Other ways of adding personality include using your personal possessions to create sentimental displays. The trick is to use just enough to tell a story about who you are but not too many that it starts to feel messy and cluttered. Try to have a limit: maybe one or two items per shelf or surface. When you get new objects, perhaps from your travels abroad, play around with your display and keep refreshing it. It'll feel like you've redecorated every time you change it. Also, adding art to your space will give extra clues about who you are, your tastes and interests. Don't go too overboard though; you want it to be visually interesting, but not too much that people don't know where to look when they walk in. Getting the balance right is key.

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