2017 colour trends for kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms

If you want to start 2017 in style, then these are the key colour trends for kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms we think you'll need to be aware.

Bedrooms: The new blue

From stormy navy to calming teals, blue is the colour that all the best dressed walls will be wearing in 2017. Dulux have named Denim Drift - a gorgeous stone blue - their colour of the year, whilst Pantone's 'Fathomless' palette pairs their colour of the year, Greenery, with a range of stunning deep and teal blues and almost pastel greys. 

It's a colour that works anywhere - pair with salmon pinks and mustard yellows for pops of warmth, and ground the entire look with bright whites, cool greys and hints of black. Oversized headboards, and pieces of mismatched furniture painted in the same colour, characterise the new blue bedroom.

Kitchens: The new neutrals

There's a strong trend towards the natural in interior design this year to match with the blue/green/grey palette. This is most apparent in the kitchen. Fresh white cabinets, like the one's available at Ellis, will be highlighted with fresh, natural greenery - a living 'green wall' takes this look to the limit. 

One of the classiest choices for kitchens continues to be grey, with grey cabinets against toning grey walls being a particularly stylish choice. Concrete and stone will pair with metallics for a contemporary twist on neutrals. Copper moves out of the kitchen and into the bathroom, where a copper tap or basin looks sensational against a grey wall.

Bathrooms: The new metallics

The statement piece for any bathroom in 2017 is a standalone tub in a metallic finish - zinc or copper are classics. Grey and blue are the hot colour trends for your bathroom, and Shaker style furniture finished in one of these on-trend hues will give your bathroom a contemporary 'heritage' feel.

If you like the boutique hotel bathroom trend for sleek lines and a tub in the bedroom - grey, slate, and stone are the colour palette of choice for your walls and tiling.

Here at Ellis we can help you create a bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen that's effortlessly contemporary or heritage smart using 2017's hottest colour trends. Contact us today and we'll be happy to help.

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