Upgrade your bedrooms with a furniture refresh

Our bedroom is a place of rest; a sanctuary. It's where we can kick off our shoes and daytime clothes, relax and unwind in privacy. Therefore, it's important we get the design right because the bedroom is somewhere that we spend a great deal of time.

When it comes to where we sleep, the average person lies in bed for approximately 318 months of their life, so having a comfy and supportive bed is key - especially in terms of helping with our sleep patterns.

According to the Sleep Council, 33% of the British population only get 5-6 hours of sleep per night. If you find your sleeping patterns are poor and think your bed may be responsible, it's time for a furniture refresh. Ellis provide long-lasting, stylish and high-quality bedroom furniture that will help to give the perfect night's sleep. 

When it comes to choosing a theme for your rooms, injecting a burst of colourful wallpaper, furnishings or having a gloss feature wall can help to add personality and flair. Try to ensure it doesn't become too distracting or bright though, as that could make it hard to switch off. Incorporating neutral or soft hues alongside these brighter shades will help create a soothing atmosphere. Choosing solid wood furniture such as birch or walnut for your surroundings will also give your space an earthy, warm feel as well as a look of classic luxury.

One of the greatest things affecting sleep habits in a bedroom design is the ability for artificial light to seep through, often thanks to street lighting outside. Installing blackout curtains will ensure that when you switch off, you can stay off for the whole night. You can still have fun with your curtains though and incorporate pattern, texture and colour through them as well.

Often, the bedroom is the last room to be looked at when you’re considering refurbishment as it is the space least seen by others. However, having a furniture refresh can completely overhaul how the space looks and more importantly how the space works. It can help with storage solutions that were previously proving a problem simply by adding a few new pieces of smart and compact furniture, and with our contemporary designs, you can effortlessly add a stylish touch to your own space, making your bedrooms more relaxing and complete. For more design advice on easily upgrading your interiors, browse our website today.



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